We know in today's economy fundraising becomes a necessity for most sports groups, schools, daycares, dance clubs and any group trying to raise money to offset the raising fees associated with extra activities.  Stuffed Gourmet Sausage Company understands this need to raise money while offering a unique value added product to your purchasers.  Since we are a locally family owned business who have raised kids and grandkids in Edmonton we have done our share of fundraising and are excited to offer our unique fresh made, no preservatives or additives, sausages at a wholesale price to all fund raising groups.  Below you will find a link to our fundraising form which provides you with the large variety sausage flavours.

Once your group has chosen Stuffed Gourmet Sausage Company as your chosen fundraising provider please contact us and we can go over in detail the prices and percentage that you group will receive. 

The proceeds your group will enjoy will increase based on the volumes purchased so expand your fundraising efforts for maximum return.

Please email us at info@stuffedgourmetsausagecompany.cato get stated on your next succesfull fundraising event


Stuffed Gourmet Sausage Company